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The Siege of Jadotville is a different kind of war movie, it doesn’t recount famous battles or portray renowned heroes. Instead, it’s about heroes and events that went completely unnoticed. Namely, it’s about The Irish 35 Battalion ‘A’ Company, a group of youngsters who were sent to the Congo on a U.N mission. What was supposed to be a plain positioning quickly becomes one of the most fought-over locations and the battalion of 150 ‘war-virgins” find themselves going against 3000 mercenaries led by experienced French commandants. And what a tribute this film is: it’s well-paced, powerfully shot, and the acting, led by Jamie Dornan on one side and Guillaume Canet on the other, is absolutely perfect.

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Jackal (guest)

Big fan of war movies and this is one was a pleasure to watch. If movies like Saving Private Ryan or Dunkirk are too intense for you, this one is a lot more forgiving.

I was taken aback by how well made the script was, despite it being an action movie you are very easily drawn into the story of it and I found myself on the edge of my seat multiple times! The acting by Jamie Dornan was very good, his frustration and anger during those few calls to high command felt very real and you just can’t help but share the emotions he delivers to the screen.Most war movies that cross my screen are focused on American wars so to see such a good movie focused on a UN mission in Africa… Read more »
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