Squared Love Everlasting (2023)

Squared Love Everlasting (2023)


A run-of-the-mill romantic comedy that’s enjoyable in some parts, but largely forgettable in others



Comedy, Romance
Adrianna Chlebicka, Ina Sobala, Mateusz Banasiuk
102 min


It’s just one part of the entire movie, but Monika’s journey as a would-be mother and school principal is something I would give good money to watch.

What it's about

After multiple trials and tribulations, Monika (Adrianna Chlebicka) and Enzo (Mateusz Banasiuk) finally have a chance for happily ever after, that is until Ewa (Ina Sobala), Enzo’s ex, shows up with a life-changing secret.

The take

You don’t really have to watch the first two movies to get this third installment of the rom-com trilogy. Squared Love Everlasting is largely about how two people who are settled and secure in their relationship deal with a major curveball, in this case, the revelation that Enzo has some unfinished business with his ex, Ewa. The film works, in many cases, because the leads are charming, the script is lightweight, and the scenery is exquisite. It’s also not too focused on love as it touches on parenthood, too, and the potential trouble it poses to someone as bright, ambitious, and independent as Monika. In fact, Monika’s own story is so strong on its own that it often feels like it could be its own film. But sadly, this isn’t her film; it’s Enzo’s too. And his story, one of former and current flames, just never reaches the same level as Monika’s. It’s plain and generic, elevated only by his easygoing appeal and Ewa’s oddball antics. Apart from those, however, Squared Love is just your run-of-the-mill romcom you can stand to not watch.

What stands out

With Ewa, Sobala strikes an impressive balance between annoying and amusing. She is the liveliest presence in the film, unafraid to go physical in scenes that benefit from her presence. Everyone else seems painfully stoic, dead even, when sat beside her; she just lights up. It’s a credit to her acting that despite a less-than-compelling script, I still feel strongly (either with loathe or affinity) when I see her.


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