Support Group Olympus (2021)

Support Group Olympus (2021)

Olympians take group therapy, though the film needed work on its patient histories



Comedy, Drama


Yes, the Olympians need therapy, but given the mythology, I think they’re the worst ensemble to have group therapy together.

What it's about

Living among the modern mortal world without powers, members of the Greek pantheon have to take group therapy sessions together in order to qualify for welfare.

The take

First shown in 2021 Madrid International Film Festival, Support Group Olympus made its US debut early 2023 through Prime Video. Given the wacky premise, it was easy to assume that the film would be humorous, and there are moments when its dry humor shines. However, the film takes a more contemplative approach, as the unchanging gods refuse to change, though they crave the status and power they used to have. This slow-paced approach feels appropriate, and had the film’s internal logic worked, the film could have contemplated the changes that happened not just to the gods, but to human livelihood as well. It’s definitely a unique story that needed more work on its execution.

What stands out

Support Group Olympus shines when it gives its concept the weight it deserves, through serious drama or through absurdist dry humor. After all, they used to be gods, and their former status compared to how they are now must be a tough reminder of what they used to have. However, there is some internal story logic that doesn’t make sense. For example, given that they were gods, they could have become the best of the best within their given fields. Additionally, no mention has been made as to their modern history – what have they been doing after they’ve fallen, when they’ve fallen, and how they ended up qualified for welfare. Without giving us these basics, it’s hard to believe in the group, and it’s not helped by the performances of the newcomer ensemble cast.

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