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Filmed in 28 countries over a period of four years, The Fall is a modern-day epic with haunting undertones. After a young girl is hospitalized by a fall, she meets an injured stuntman bedridden following a failed stunt. He begins to tell her a magical story of five men and their quest to kill an evil dictator. But as the tale progresses a darkness threatens to destroy both the fantasy and reality. The film is incredible due to its art direction and the fact that it’s all shot on location without the use of digital effects. The story is a wonderful mixture of fantasy and action with a darkly realistic edge that ends up resonating with you more than the traditional fantasy film. It’s a movie that satisfies nearly every genre and mood and remains captivating in the process. A testament to the art of storytelling.¬†Tarsem Singh directs a masterpiece which words cannot do justice in describing.

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