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The Handmaiden 2016 / An unpredictable South-Korean romance of epic proportions


From Park Chan-wook (maker of Oldboy) comes The Handmaiden, a great movie in line with his now mastered style of portraying the beautifully weird. A rich Japanese lady isolated from the world accepts a new handmaiden, a shrewd young Korean girl with hidden motives. The men around them, full of greed and lust, complete the grand Victorian tale of deception, romance or lack thereof, and dark humor. You will find yourself at times screaming “what?”, and at times bewildered by the general aesthetic of the film including clothes, traditions, and the stunning nature of both Korea and Japan. If you love cinema, you can’t miss this movie. It’s just too big of an achievement.

    Cường Lê

    This film is an absolute masterpiece, the music, the costumes and the filming are just outstanding. 7 people liked this review.

    Glen Min

    Typically, I would hesitate to watch any movies that are over 2 hours long, but this movie so engaging. The cinematography was unlike any other and everything–the costume, the set, the hair–was so aesthetically pleasing. This movie is easily one of my favorite movies. 4 people liked this review.


    This movie is beyond excellence. Every detail is perfect, and the plot keeps misleading you until the very end. However, you should watch this movie alone, as it does not lack explicit scenes, especially starring women only 3 people liked this review.


    Keeps you on the edge every moment. The climax is amazing. The mystery around the protagonists are portrayed very well. I like how our empathy shifts from one character to another as new truths are presented to us. We do not really know who has the upper hand till the end. 2 people liked this review.

    Anne Michaud

    This movie was not for me. Although I agree that it was well-made, there was a lot of very explicit scenes. I enjoyed the varying points of view, but this film moved very slowly, and the ending was ridiculous. 1 person liked this review.


    A wonderfully feminist film - and great on screen chemistry between the female actors. -4 people liked this review.


    you're right. -1 people liked this review.

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