The Hottest Summer (2023)

The Hottest Summer (2023)

An Italian romcom that succeeds at being sexy, but at the expense of being unique and challenging



Comedy, Drama, Romance
Alberto Rossi, Alice Angelica, Barbara Tabita
96 min


Proof that Fleabag has done irreparable damage (AKA good) to the portrayals of attractive priests in media.

What it's about

A woman begins to share a strong attraction with a young deacon in a small Sicilian town.

The take

To The Hottest Summer's credit, it doesn't shy away from its title; as an erotic romcom, it gives us more sexual content than you'd expect, while still keeping away from anything too explicit. There's an undeniably exciting quality to how much the film is willing to show in its forbidden romance, and lead actors Nicole Damiani and Gianmarco Saurino have chemistry to spare. But while the film can be refreshing in how undaunted it is by the supposed taboo at the center of its story, its desire for simple, carnal thrills means the characters are much flatter than they probably deserve to be. Deacon Nicola's complicated relationship to his faith is never quite explored until it's too late, and Lucia's friendship with Valentina (played by Alice Angelica) seems to be of little consequence, even as the story tries to create drama between their competing affections for the young priest-to-be.

What stands out

While it may be silly to ask for a more serious theological side to a somewhat trashy romcom, the character of deacon Nicola and the few discussions he has with his priestly superior tease far more interesting ideas that deserve to be in a better film. Depending on where you're from, the idea of a priest giving in to his sexual urges might seem too drastic to forgive, but The Hottest Summer never condemns the man wearing the cross—still treating him with a level of rational understanding and sympathy. There's still far too little of this subplot in the film, but it stands out all the same.


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