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Wind River (2017)

Wind River (2017)

Sicario's screenwriter directs this story of murder in an Indigenous reserve

The Very Best



Canada, France
Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Althea Sam, Apesanahkwat, Austin R. Grant
107 min

What it's about

An FBI agent teams with the town's veteran game tracker to investigate a murder that occurred on a Native American reservation.

The take

Phenomenal and heartbreaking, Wind River is a true masterpiece by Taylor Sheridan, the man behind Sicario and Hell or High Water. In a Native American Reservation, a local girl is found dead and a young detective (Elizabeth Olsen) tries to uncover the mystery. She is accompanied by a tracker (Jeremy Renner) with his own dark history in the community. It’s not a very rewarding movie at first, so don’t expect an incredibly fast-paced story from the get-go. However, when everything unfolds, it’s not only action-packed, its reflections on indigenous communities are deep and poignant. How this remains a relatively known movie is shocking, it has to be one of the best mysteries of the past 20 years.


Overall it was great!!

I thought this movie was terrible. I thought that the handling of Native issues was clumsy. Poor acting overall.
Sicario was amazing, but for me, this is one of those movies you can’t believe people actually like.

Loved this. Renner simmers with ruggedness and Olsen was a pleasant surprise, owning the role and bringing a great contrast.

Above average, very good acting and believable plot, so definitely worth a watch. 7/10

One of the best movies I’ve ever watched.

Renner in a complex movie … bool yah!

Terrific movie. Lots of everything. Made me cry a bit too. If anything watch it for it’s outstanding soundtrack. Although it does have a very compelling story too.


I didn’t like it at all. Very slow, predictable, with one-dimensional unconvincing characters. The scenery is nice though.

Absolutely a fantastic movie! It was dark but incredibly moving and captivating. The setting is also wonderful. Totally unexpected film!

Absolutely a fantastic movie! It was dark, but incredibly moving and captivating. The setting is also wonderful. Totally unexpected film!

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