American Animals (2018)

The Very Best



India, UK
Dutch, English
Crime, Documentary, Drama, Mystery
Al Mitchell, Ann Dowd, Barry Keoghan
117 min

What it's about

Lexington, Kentucky, 2004. Four young men attempt to execute one of the most audacious art heists in the history of the United States.

The take

This crazy heist movie is told in a very original way. Because it's based on a true story, the movie (with actors and a story) is sometimes interrupted by the people it's about. The opening scene even reads: "this movie is not based on a true story, it is a true story". Two friends decide to rob their local library from rare books worth millions. They're driven by money but also by wanting something different than their monotonous everyday lives in Kentucky. The need for a change is a big theme in this movie, but the story and the way it's told never cease to be breathtakingly thrilling. American Animals stars amazing actors like Barry Keoghan (Dunkirk), Evan Peters (Kick-Ass), and many more; but perhaps equally as notable is the director: Bart Layton, who is fresh from his amazing 2012 sleeper-hit The Imposter.


Very interesting film. Silly boys! I knew the long haired dude wasn’t 100% as well, and laughed out loud at certain points. I wondered if the boy so enamored with the work didn’t complete the blueprint of the library on purpose. It’s worth a look-see!

Great movie. My palms were getting sweaty while watching. Made me nervous with mixed emotions. I could only imagine how the guys felt at the time of doing the heist

ALT J soundtrack made it better lol

Watched this film and loved it! If you liked Widows, you’d love this gem too. Grateful to this site for suggesting me this good movie. 🙂

Some parts of this movie took longer than they probably should have, but I thought it was good. Nothing exceptional, but nothing bad either. Great soundtrack.

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