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Beginners 2010


An American romantic comedy, Beginners is told through a series of flashbacks telling the story of Oliver and his complicated and difficult relationship with his father. The film is gorgeously heartbreaking, demonstrating how hurtful we are to those we love, while showing the ties of mutual need that bind people. In the way it also takes on the process of finding one’s happiness, through the character’s eyes and his father’s, what that process has in common for both, and how one is inspired from the other. Beginners is lovely, funny, interesting, and above all very enjoyable.

Written By: Collin Russum

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Oh my god everyone in this movie needs to take some antidepressants and seek therapy. Don’t get me wrong the movie is artsy and pretty and all but everyone in the movie is so unnecessarily depressing.


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  • Starring

    Christopher Plummer, Ewan McGregor, Mélanie Laurent
  • Directed by

    Mike Mills
  • Written by

    Mike Mills
  • Runtime

    104 minutes