Hi Nanna (2023)

Hi Nanna (2023)

A simple yet striking Telugu romance drama that brings back old tropes with a twist



Drama, Family, Romance
Baby Kiara Khanna, Jayaram, Mrunal Thakur
155 min


Let romance films BE romance films 2024! It’s so refreshing to see a romance film believe in true love without trying to dismiss it at the start.

What it's about

Single father Viraj is raising his six-year-old daughter Mahi only with the help of her grandfather. After years of wondering, Mahi finally convinces Viraj to tell her the story about her mom, through the help of the woman that rescued her.

The take

When your dad is single, and he isn’t in a relationship with someone else, naturally, a kid would wonder about their real biological mother. Hi Nanna is a take on this familiar tale, though Shouryuv’s directorial debut makes it feel brand new by telling the love story in a way a father would tell his daughter– mindful of the audience, so slightly embellished, but no less sweet. By doing so, it makes the viewers yearn for the lost love before raising our hopes and revealing the possibility of getting it back, especially with the natural chemistry of Nani and the striking Mrunal Thakur.

What stands out

Hi Nanna doesn’t set out to reinvent the romance drama– if anything, it feels reminiscent of other films. The most obvious would be Definitely, Maybe (2008), as Mahi tries to pry the truth from her father about what really happened to her mother. However, even when Shouryuv borrows from the genre, the way every element pieces together just works. Complicated plot lines aren’t necessarily better than simple ones, and sometimes, great direction, excellent chemistry, and a carefully timed plot twist are all one needs to make old tropes work. Hi Nanna proves this through its earnest belief in love.


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