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Ink (2009)

Ink (2009)

An award-winning American independent Fantasy, Ink has become a sleeper hit worldwide. The film portrays a struggle between the forces of good and evil over the soul of a man and a little girl caught in between. The film’s deliriously realized dream sequences make clear that no matter what life throws at you, in the end the path you take is yours to choose, leaving the viewer with the simple message that, yes, there is hope.

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Ink (2009)



Go to Filmzie

Device availability:
 Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Samsung TV, Website
Filmzie offers its viewers worldwide high-quality content that is free. Its aim is to spotlight overlooked films in our history and support filmmakers and creators in so doing. If you’re someone who feels ethically motivated to support filmmakers and prefers not to have to pay to be entertained, this is the streaming service for you. It’s updated regularly with popular and current content. Filmzie was launched in 2021.

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Ink (2009)



Go to Pantaflix

Device availability:
 Amazon Fire TV, Android, Android TV, Apple TV, iOS, LG, Medion/Vestel, Panasonic, Samsung Smart TV, Website
Pantaflix is an internet-based, video-on-demand service that lets you pick and watch what you want among its wide variety of offers, which includes films, documentaries, TV shows, and children’s entertainment. This is for the viewer who wants to stream but would rather rent individual content rather than pay for a full-blown subscription. Pantaflix boasts no commitments and guarantees easy access to content you like. The service was launched in Germany in 2016.

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Ink (2009)



Go to Screambox

 $4.99 per month
Free Trial:
 7 days
Device availability:
Screambox as its name would indicate is a horror-themed streaming service that offers up a selection of chilling titles to keep you entertained through the darkest nights. They try to offer a mix of indie and classic movies and shows.

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