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50/50 2011 / Now On Netflix


It’s often said that trying to make a comedy movie featuring a character with cancer is just a bad idea. And while there may be a good share of failed attempts in that category, 50/50 is not one of them. In a movie that comes closer to a believable real life situation than most, 50/50 manages to mine humor, pathos and simple honesty from a dark and traditional situation.  Starring Seth Rogan and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, this film isn’t afraid to ‘go there’ but you’ll enjoy the journey.

Written By: Tros Garner

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The only comedy film out there that can almost make me cry.



  • Genre

    Comedy, Drama
  • Mood

    A-list actors, Challenging, Dramatic, Grown-up Comedy, Raw, Sincere, Slice-of-Life, Uplifting
  • Starring

    Anna Kendrick, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen
  • Directed by

    Jonathan Levine
  • Written by

    Will Reiser
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