Love Tactics 2 (2023)

Love Tactics 2 (2023)



A brainless but entertainingly trashy romcom that absolutely no one should take advice from



Comedy, Romance
Atakan Çelik, Bora Akkaş, Demet Özdemir
98 min


They forgot the most important love tactic of all: just communicate with your partner like a regular human being, PLEASE

What it's about

After miscommunicating their feelings about marriage, partners Aslı and Kerem stage various situations to convince each other to change their minds.

The take

Unfortunately, it isn't enough to have cartoonishly attractive people do silly things in the name of love for an entire feature film. This premise is undeniably fun at first: the pace is snappy, the locations are pretty, and there are more than a few intentional laughs buried within the film's fast-paced dialogue. But the longer Love Tactics 2 goes on, the more idiotic its characters seem and the more it feels like they don't actually deserve the love they supposedly earned in the previous movie. It greatly underestimates how frustrating it is to watch people fail to communicate over and over again, not out of any goodwill, but out of pure pride and jealousy. Sure, the leads provide plenty of eye candy, but after seeing how little they actually get to work with, watching them becomes an act of secondhand embarrassment.

What stands out

The comedic moments that actually work are few and far between in Love Tactics 2, but whenever there's a little bit of physical comedy involved, it's pretty refreshing to see. Frankly, hot actors aren't made to act goofy in cinema nearly frequently enough, and there are times in this film (like in a scene where the two leads have to take care of someone's baby) when Demet Özdemir and Sükrü Özyildiz finally get to cut loose and stretch their acting muscles a little bit more. Proof once more that these actors could be off doing better things, but streamers like Netflix probably have them chained down just to fulfill a quota on trashy romcoms.


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