Sheroes (2023)

Sheroes (2023)

An unwatchable mess that shoots for girl power but lands somewhere in the trashy morass of Z films



United Kingdom, United States of America
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime
Isabelle Fuhrman, Jack Kesy, Joseph Angelo
91 min


It’s giving budget Charlie's Angels and Girls Trip (please go see those films instead).

What it's about

Four best friends fly from Los Angeles to Thailand for vacation, but when one of them gets kidnapped by a drug lord, it’s up to her friends to save her before it’s too late.

The take

There is a germ of an idea here, and executed well, Sheroes had the potential to be camp and crude and unapologetically fun in the way only films about female friendship can be (see: Girls Trip, Booksmart, Bridesmaids). Instead, with what looks like a negative production budget and zero commitment from the cast, the resulting film is unwatchably bad. The needle drops are excessive, the cinematography is straight out of a stock image site (what a waste of Thailand’s vibrant beauty!), and the acting, if you can call it that, is wholly unbelievable, with perhaps Isabelle Fuhrman and Skai Jackson standing out as the only exceptions. The chemistry of these so-called friends feels canned, making their montages of supposed fun look stiff and stilted. We’re supposed to believe these girls who can’t even hug right are friends? They’re out here dipping in the pool and sipping beers while thinking of ways to save their tied-up-in-the-middle-of-nowhere friend, so again I ask, we’re supposed to believe they're best friends? Let’s be real, because this film surely isn’t.

What stands out

Maybe it’s because of their experience as child actors, but Fuhrman and Jackson are actually entertaining and make the film slightly better with their performances. Jackson nails her emotional scenes and outshines her peers despite being almost a decade younger than them, while Fuhrman is a joy to watch. Her character doesn’t do much apart from worry and apologize, but she somehow gives it a physicality the film benefits a bit from. These two should be in more things—save them from the plague of Z-movies!


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