African Folktales Reimagined

African Folktales Reimagined



Six stories by six different filmmakers from six African countries


TV Show

South Africa
Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy


Not all six episodes might be to your liking, but there’s something here for everyone, with six different styles and genres in this anthology.

What it's about

Six folktales from the African continent are reimagined in female-centered dark fantasy shorts, exploring love, grief, and mysticism.

The take

African Folktales Reimagined is exactly what it says in the tin. The anthology isn’t exactly a cohesive, one-plot show – it’s a collection of folktale-inspired short films from six different countries, by six different filmmakers, funded by grants from a rare Netflix-UNESCO partnership. As such, the collection features a variety of genres and styles. If you like Westerns, you might want to watch Katera of the Punishment Island. If you’re into Afrofuturistic sci-fi, try watching Halima’s Choice first. Into supernatural stories? Watch Enmity Djinn. Katope and MaMlambo lean more on the fantastical side of the folklore, while Anyango and the Ogre feels like a straightforward drama. It’s a fairly varied collection, and there’s something here for everyone. African Folktales Reimagined takes a modern twist to the folktales that shaped the continent.

What stands out

Admittedly, I’m a huge fan of folktales – something about the fantastical and mythical elements gives them a mysterious feel, because what inspired these stories to come to life? How did people create, or discover, the ideas of monsters, or mythical creatures, or deities with special powers? The experience feels best when you suspend your disbelief, when you let go of logic in order to feel and experience what these stories have to offer. While involving six different styles, all episodes of African Folktales Reimagined feel more experiential, hazy, and visceral than logical or realistic. It really does feel like a parent telling you, in sweetened stories and stunning visuals, about the ways of the world.


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