Anti Reset

Anti Reset

AI is just an excuse to see two handsome guys kiss in this by-the-numbers BL


TV Show

Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Chou Wasir, Huang Li Feng, Lara Chen
25 min


There was a unique story to be told here, but no, let’s just use AI as a topping to make up for the generic and bland story.

What it's about

After dislocating his hand, emotionally distant Chu Yi Ping is gifted with an experimental AI caretaker named Ever 9, that surprisingly helps him feel more human.

The take

If you’re looking for a unique and meaningful dissection over the possible implications of AI caretaking and romance, Anti-Reset is not the show for you. Instead of contemplating the power dynamics, or the possible personhood of robots, or even the possible overdependence towards AI, the show just mostly plays out like a typical romance between a househelp and their employer, except with a creepy uncle that is much too invested in his nephew’s sex life. And for a show about futuristic technology, it just feels really retroactive to have the gay couple play out in traditional gender roles, with the AI slave created to do traditionally female assigned duties. Really, the only point of Anti-Reset that succeeds is seeing two handsome guys kiss in pretty lighting.

What stands out

You know how in romantic dramas, there are moments between the couple that play out in slow motion, with softly blended lighting that emphasizes the actors’ looks, and scores that play to signal that these are the most attractive people ever? Anti-Reset has these moments between Chu Yi Ping and Ever 9 in domestic duties, like grocery shopping, cooking, and gardening. This isn’t all bad, as romanticizing these actions can makes these chores feel better to do in real life– but it does make Chu Yi Ping seem at best, immature for wanting to off-source his caretaking for free, like a child, and at worst, only attracted to individuals that would cater to his every whim, and unable to reciprocate care to anyone at all.


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