Killer Soup

Killer Soup

Secrets, not soup, dishes out deliciously ludicrous deaths in this Hindi dark comedy crime thriller series


TV Show

English, Hindi, Tamil
Comedy, Crime
Konkona Sen Sharma, Lal, Manoj Bajpayee
51 min


When three months have passed and you haven’t improved from weekly cooking lessons, maybe, just maybe, it’s not meant to be.

What it's about

Despite making terrible soup, Swathi Shetty dreams of owning a restaurant. She tries to cover up her husband’s death by making her similar-looking lover Umesh impersonate him, however, her plans backfire when they find out that Prabhakar has secrets of his own.

The take

How far would you go to please the one you love? You might indulge your spouse with a white lie every now and then like the men in Swathi Shetty’s life each time she asks about her cooking, but Killer Soup takes it a whole step further when she asks Umesh to impersonate her similar-looking husband. And, as the lies pile up, and the cover-ups escalate, it’s delicious to see the lovers dig themselves into a deeper hole, even if they manage to throw off other people from the scent temporarily. While the story gets slightly convoluted later on due to many subplots, Killer Soup proves to at least be tastier than Swathi’s paya soup with its delightfully twisted lovers.

What stands out

It’s always hilarious to see foolish people reap the consequences of their actions, but Killer Soup escalates the severity of how bad things can get when you constantly try to cover your foolish behavior up. It’s understandable to try to have your cake and eat it too, the way Swathi Shetty tries to cover up her husband’s death through her lover, but things escalate to such ridiculous heights with its excellently timed, over-the-top deaths nearly every time something new is revealed. While the revelations do get more convoluted later in the series, Killer Soup’s twists are so fun to follow, at least when primarily focused on the twisted relationship between Swathi and Umesh.


Excellent experience to watch this series. Nothing boring or bad,very good acting as well as storyline is concerned.
Thumbs up 👍 👌

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