The Man in the High Castle

The Man in the High Castle



TV Show

English, German, Hebrew
Drama, Science Fiction, Thriller
Alexa Davalos, Brennan Brown, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
70 min

What it's about

In a dystopian America dominated by Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, a young woman discovers a mysterious film that may hold the key to toppling the totalitarian regimes.

The take

Based on the 1962 award winning novel of the same name by Philip K. Dick, The Man in the High castle presents a world in which World War II concluded with the victory of the Axis powers, dividing the United States of America into two powers on the verge of conflict, the Greater German Reich and the Japanese Pacific States. The show follows Juliana Crain (Alexa Davalos) and her boyfriend Frank Frink (Rupert Evans) as their lives quickly turn into chaos when they come across a film reel that shows a glimpse into the world that could have been, ours, bringing the couple to the restless attention of both governments and of the resistance. The Man in the High Castle will captivate you with excellent writing, a superb cast, and a carefully crafted world that is as believable as it is terrifying.


Brief review – the first season was excellent – scary believable story line, great acting, everything. Then things started to get…. weird. I barely made it through S2 and then eventually gave up after that as each further episode deviated so far from S1 that I finally couldn’t take it anymore. Definitely watch S1 and enjoy, but proceed beyond that at your own risk.

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