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Our Boys 2019 / Worthwhile and Unique Insight


A unique insight into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through one case of violence that rocked public opinion in both countries: the abduction of three Israeli boys (hence the show title) and the retaliation by Israeli extremists who abducted a Palestinian boy. This case would eventually spark the 2014 Gaza war. It’s slow, it requires subtitles, and the acting is not always sharp but there might not be a piece of storytelling that reflects how those two societies perceive each other more than this American-Israeli show.

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This was a tough look inside Israeli police politics, as well as those of WB residents and their structure. Extremists on both sides are portrayed. I scratch my head at the idea of there ever being some sort of a lasting peace in this area after seeing a series like this – very realistic – I recommend, but it’s not an easy watch.


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    Adam Gabay, Johnny Arbid, Shlomi Elkabetz
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