War: Wrath and Revenge

War: Wrath and Revenge

A deadly love quadrangle has its consequences in this fairly entertaining spin-off to the Nigerian hit series


TV Show

Mofe Duncan, Rahama Sadau


Is Binta… a yandere…

What it's about

After the messy politics and love triangle that divided his friendships, Nuhu Bula runs for the governorship of Kowa, orchestrated by his cunning wife Binta. However, after hearing her husband’s plans to marry a second wife, Binta has no choice but to retaliate.

The take

TV franchises sometimes separate its overall story arc by multiple shows, especially when the main ensemble has been changed. War: Wrath and Revenge goes straight into the story left by Sons of the Caliphate, trusting that old viewers would be all caught up in the political dynamics, and new viewers would catch up on who’s who, or at least recognize that none of these characters have their hands clean. With powerful people and over-the-top schemes, the show plays out with full on melodrama, but it’s fairly as entertaining as its predecessor, even as it goes through familiar plot points from similar dramas.

What stands out

War: Wrath and Revenge follows the acclaimed Sons of the Caliphate, this time centered around one of the sons remaining in the race to governorship. However, what’s striking is that women, not just men, are players on the political playing field, and the women leading the series all have intriguing and fleshed out plotlines. Alicia deals with an unexpected murder that occurred on her airline, ASP Miriam Katung struggles to balance duty with whims of the people she’s protecting, and of course, Binta masterminds Nuhu Bula’s campaign, not the other way around. Even while new viewers may be lost trying to contextualize previous events and characters, War: Wrath and Revenge manages to maintain an entertaining drama, by focusing equal attention on all of its subplots, not just the ones centered on the men.


This a movie amongst movies, it portrayed exactly what’s happening in the Northern Nigeria, armed militias backed up by the corrupt politicians and selfish traditional rulers causing all forms of violence to the villagers by unleashing carnage and brutal massacre simply because the villagers and the villages are situated on an endowed Land endowed with precious stones . All in the name of acquiring a wealth they couldn’t even get access to due to the policy of the European countries that they hide the stolen money and they won’t even live long enough to enjoy the money.

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