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Undefeated 2011 / On Netflix


Undefeated won an Oscar but since it’s a documentary, few sadly paid attention to it. It tells the story of a football team in a poor area in Tennessee. Kids without a bright future, until the new coach arrives. Yes, that sounds like a very old, cliché tale. But keep in mind it is a documentary, and the story it tells is powerful, gripping, and any familiarity quickly becomes irrelevant. Even if you have no interest in American football, or in sports in general, you will love it and more than likely find yourself reaching for the Kleenex at least a few times before the credits roll.

Written By: Pablo

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This is the original “Last Chance U” in terms of style and heart. There is probably more heart in this documentary since the players are in high school and their coach is more invested in the them as people.


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  • Starring

    Bill Courtney, Montrail 'Money' Brown, O.C. Brown
  • Directed by

    Daniel Lindsay, T. J. Martin
  • Runtime

    113 minutes