Wild Tales (2014)

Wild Tales (2014)

Co-produced by Pedro Almodóvar, this tumultuous Argentine anthology film tests the limits of human sanity when pushed to the extremes – and will also test yours.

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Argentina, Spain
Comedy, Drama, Thriller
Abián Vainstein, Alan Daicz, Andrea Garrote
122 min

What it's about

Six deadly stories that explore the extremities of human behaviour involving distressed people seeking revenge.

The take

With ‘Wild tales’, writer-director Damían Szifrón explores exactly how thin the proverbial veneer is on the passions of the human heart. Or rather he gleefully rips it off. Visually dazzling and laced with social critique, violent revenge is the theme joining the six vignettes together. Each one starts off in a relatable everyday situation, including an airplane, a wedding, and a coffee shop, which quickly propels into complete savagery of Roald Dahlian proportions.

Like the famous author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Szifrón writes great satirical characters, which he relishes in hurting and throwing in the ditch. And much like the rage of its protagonists, featuring Ricardo Darín as a family man articulating his by way of explosives, this movie does not know peaks and valleys. It’s a dark comedy thrill ride that will have you gasping for air!


I’m very picky about movies and this movie was a wonderful experience
excellent storytelling


GREAT Movie. I was very skeptical at first, but then I read the comments, and I must say: they’re darn accurate. The movie is a fantastic one. It’s not quite your ‘classic’ comedy. Maybe my top 20 movies I’ve watched

I encourage anyone to give this movie a shot and I don’t know how I’ve missed it for as long as I have. Although I found the last portion to be the weakest (not being a bad thing), each story was cleverly set up to deliver its punchline and frankly could have been made into movies on their own, but the quality comes from how straight to the point each segment is and how well acted / shot it is.

Six stories that only have two things in common: They all take place somewhere in Argentina and they all tell, in exquisite form, the different aspects of life. Quite simply, this is one of the most entertaining movies I’ve seen.

You ok?

Brilliant ! The vignettes are darkly hilarious, surprising—and wonderfully disturbing. Highly recommend.

Excellent movie. Liked all the six stories. Each of them shows the extremes of human behavior. It shows how funny are humans when pushed off of their limits.

Vignettes. A picture that gradually shades off towards the borders. The effect is a small captured moment–now heavily associated with nostalgia.

These vignettes are a few simple, quirky, crazy ideas taken to their logical extremes. And they have been the most impactful pieces I have seen in the last year. It is in their stark unreality that we can contrast our own mundaneness, and it is their insanity, and the way we relate to them, which reminds us that there is a healthy dose of madness inside us after all.

Highly Recommended.

I didn’t know what a vignette was so I didn’t really know this movie was literally 6 short stories put together. All the stories are presented in such a charming way and it’s just really fun movie. There’s really not much to digest so it’s a very easy watch. The fifth story was really boring to me so I skipped halfway but all the other stories are great (especially the third one).

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