Best Movies to Watch by Albert Lapi

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You don't need to have watched the first Code 8 (released in 2019) to enjoy Part II, which speaks to how this sequel has improved as a piece of sci-fi entertainment—but also hasn't done anything particularly interesting with its characters or themes. At the end of the day this really isn't all that different from so many other attempts at making a "gritty" superhero property, ending up as yet another crime drama that lacks personality for its characters or imagination in the way that its thrills are executed. It certainly has its heart in the right place, gesturing towards corruption in the police force, but even these insights feel half-developed and way too easy by the end.

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Science Fiction, Thriller

Actor: Aaron Abrams, Akiel Julien, Albert Lapi, Alex Mallari Jr., Darrin Maharaj, Hazel Gorin, J.D. Nicholsen, Jane Moffat, Jean Yoon, Kari Matchett, Mikayla SwamiNathan, Moe Jeudy-Lamour, Natalie Liconti, Nneka Elliott, Noorin Gulamgaus, Robbie Amell, Sammy Azero, Sarena Parmar, Sirena Gulamgaus, Stephen Amell

Director: Jeff Chan

Rating: R