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A quiet, smart and well-crafted movie by the much celebrated director Hirokazu Koreeda. Like his other work, notably Like Father, Like Son and Nobody Knows, it addresses family dynamics and how they surface. Once a successful writer, Ryota is now a private detective who spends the little money he makes on gambling instead of paying child support. His ex-wife and son are increasingly alienated by his behavior, until one day, during a storm, they all find themselves trapped in Ryota’s childhood home. Subtly touching on notions of inter-generational bond and tension – this is the kind of movie of which you’ll remember flashes long after you watch it.

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Loved it, it was heart-wrenching. I particularly loved the song in the ending, Shin-kokyu.


A drama that touches your heart and fell compassionate for the characters. Especially the grandma with all her positive attitude. The story revolves around when the lead actor is struggling with his life. What to do next. What is right for him.

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