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Burn Burn Burn 2015 / Available On Streaming Rental

Best Film

A razor-sharp script and beautiful scenery make this one of the best road movies in recent memory.

When their cynical best friend dies, Seph and Alex embark on a journey to scatter his ashes over four spots he wants to go back to. Tupperware of ashes in the glove-box, they start their big adventure.

Burn Burn Burn, an expression their friend quotes from Kerouac, is a chance for the two friends to escape their hectic city life and to discover themselves. It’s a beautiful movie.

Written By: Staff

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Highly recommend this movie, the actors, the story, the music – everything is great!


I loved this movie to the end, especially the way the two friends must accept their differences in the relationship at the urging of their deceased friend, and the forgiveness we all have hidden deep within ourselves.


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  • Genre

    Comedy, Drama
  • Mood

    Funny, Grown-up Comedy, Touching
  • Starring

    Joe Dempsie, Laura Carmichael, Susan Wokoma
  • Directed by

    Chanya Button
  • Written by

    Charlie Covell
  • Runtime

    105 minutes
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