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Burn Burn Burn 2015

Spotlight Women Stories

A razor-sharp script and beautiful scenery make this one of the best road movies in recent memory.

When their cynical best friend dies, Seph and Alex embark on a journey to scatter his ashes over four spots he wants to go back to. Tupperware of ashes in the glove-box, they start their big adventure.

Burn Burn Burn, an expression their friend quotes from Kerouac, is a chance for the two friends to escape their hectic city life and to discover themselves. It’s a beautiful movie.

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Highly recommend this movie, the actors, the story, the music – everything is great!


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    UK, Poland
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  • Genre

    Comedy, Drama
  • Starring

    Joe Dempsie, Laura Carmichael, Susan Wokoma
  • Directed by

    Chanya Button
  • Written by

    Charlie Covell
  • Runtime

    105 minutes