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Enough Said 2013


Enough Said is a realistically sweet movie that handles serious emotions without compromising its comedic chops. It portrays the difficulties and doubts that come with post-divorce relations in a somewhat goofy and original way. James Gandolfini is impeccably wonderful in his last lead role, and joined by Julia Louis-Dreyfus they generate exquisite chemistry right from their first scene together all the way until the movie ends. Like many other beautiful movies such as Your Sister’s Sister, Enough Said is hilarious, romantic, but to that it adds being smart and realistic. You’ll love it.

Written By: Abd

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  • Genre

  • Mood

    Cute, Easy, Emotional, Goofy, Grown-up Comedy, Heart-warming, Raw, Relatable, Romantic, Warm
  • Starring

    Catherine Keener, James Gandolfini, Julia Louis-Dreyfus
  • Directed by

    Nicole Holofcener
  • Written by

    Nicole Holofcener
  • Runtime

    9 minutes