Fair Play (2023)

Fair Play (2023)

You can't go wrong with the thrill of losing money, power, and love, all in one film



United States of America
English, French, Russian
Drama, Romance, Thriller
Alden Ehrenreich, Brandon Bassir, Buck Braithwaite
113 min


Who knew a hedge fund love story will make a great horror film?

What it's about

Just after their secret engagement, a juicy promotion endangers the budding love of two stock analysts: Emily (Phoebe Dynevor) and Luke (Alden Ehrenreich).

The take

Making a good erotic thriller out on Wall Street is no easy feat, but Fair Play has just the right ratio of wit, sex, and sleaze to spice up a Friday night viewing. There's also undeniable pleasure in watching a fairytale love story corrode, especially under the influence of money and power—here's one for the romantic capitalists! And even if the script feels a bit uneven and Emily's character a bit too silent until the film's third act, it's a heightened yet realistic depiction of exactly how solidified heteronormative standards still are: in bed, at home, at the workplace. Who would have guessed that's where the true horror lies? 

What stands out

With a solid TV background, first-time feature director Chloe Domont knows how to draw the audience in. The way she builds tension with the most minimal devices, utilizing the already-strained dynamics of a hedge fund company and a rich arsenal of quips, is immensely pleasurable. Even when the financial jargon overflows, the tingle of knowing any wrong move can cost millions of dollars in the blink of an eye fuels the metaphorical fire on screen. And with leads such as doe-eyed Phoebe Dynevor and smirky Alden Ehrenreich, there's no danger of things cooling down. On the contrary, their chemistry is combustible throughout.


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