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Get the Gringo 2012


A fantastic return to form for disgraced actor Mel Gibson, Get the Gringo is proof that you can have all the controversy you want off-screen, and come back to make a great piece of film. Fast, entertaining and crazy, Get the Gringo is a wild tale of a crime gone bad and eventually, becomes a fish out of water story of the lone ‘gringo’ in a Mexican prison. Perhaps most unbelievably, the film even makes you go “ahh Mel Gibson”, and reminds you of his charm and talent. Nice comeback Mel.

Written By: Staff

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  • Genre

    Action, Drama
  • Mood

    Action-packed, Character-driven, Fast, Intense, Raw, Thrilling
  • Starring

    Daniel Giménez Cacho, Kevin Hernandez, Mel Gibson
  • Directed by

    Adrian Grunberg
  • Written by

    Mel Gibson, Stacy Perskie
  • Runtime

    96 minutes