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Hard Candy 2005 / Now On Amazon Prime


The best way to watch this movie is to be completely unprepared; it’s a super indie (sub 1 million dollar budget) Canadian thriller that completely wowed critics and audiences, even as it (and we’re being honest here) totally freaked them out. So, no spoilers, we can let you know it’s an internet thriller with shades of Little Red Riding Hood, hyperrealistic violence, and extremely surprising plot twists. Also, there’s less than 9 minutes of music in the entire film, which instead uses creepy ambient noises and breathing, so, yeah, it gets a bit tense.

Written By: Jonfen

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  • Genre

  • Starring

    Ellen Page, Patrick Wilson, Sandra Oh
  • Directed by

    David Slade
  • Written by

    Brian Nelson
  • Runtime

    104 minutes