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High Fidelity 2000


This might just be the most insightful movie about men. Watch if you are a guy and you will cringe endlessly from seeing yourself in the characters, and if you are a girl  you should also watch it to laugh and understand the men around you better (yes, it is that insightful). Rob Gordon, a music fanatic who owns a record store, tells the stories of how his relationships ended, included the one ongoing. So if you are asking if this is a romantic comedy about a man trying to move on from a breakup, yes, it is. And it Works. High Fidelity is in fact funny, interesting and comes with a unique look at relationships. But it is mostly simple and entertaining, and with perfect performances from John Cusack and Jack Black as well as an immaculate soundtrack, it is a must-watch.

Written By: Salhi

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Rob talks to you as a viewer. If you like this kind of thing you will love it.


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  • Genre

  • Mood

    Grown-up Comedy, Lighthearted, Relatable, Romantic, Smart, Sweet, Well-acted
  • Starring

    Iben Hjejle, John Cusack, Todd Louiso
  • Directed by

    Stephen Frears
  • Written by

    D.V. DeVincentis, Nick Hornby
  • Runtime

    113 minutes