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Human Flow 2017 / Now On Amazon Prime


Chinese artist Ai Weiwei directs his attention towards the ongoing refugee crisis, the biggest displacement of people since World War II. His documentary is apolitical and tries to focus on the human side of the picture. It’s not a news report or a commentary on the causes of the situation. Instead, it’s a combination of heartfelt stories spanning 23 countries that showcase people’s battle for dignity and basic rights. A truly epic movie complemented by impressive drone footage that’s as impressive as it is sad.



This seems slightly hypocritical, not to the artist, but the Chinese. The uyger population in the west of the country is mainly held in “reeducation” camps and people outside of them live very strained and unpleasant lives. This makes me lose respect for this film because it seems this artist could focus on a crisis directly perpetrated in his own country.

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