Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016)

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Taika Waititi’s follow-up to the (also great) What We Do in the Shadows, is a pure delight and the perfect antidote after a bad day or a steady diet of too many sad movies. “Bad egg” Ricky Baker has been bounced out of more foster care situations than he cares to remember until he’s given his last chance with a couple living on a rural New Zealand farm. After tragedy strikes early in the film Ricky and his foster uncle (Hec) find themselves on the run in the bush while a nationwide manhunt is initiated on their behalf. Hip-hop enthusiast Ricky and crusty, cantankerous Hec make quite the inspired pairing; this is a very funny film full of the deadpan humor that has become emblematic of Waititi’s work (Flight of the Conchords, Boy) but it is also oddly touching and full of heart.

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Carla MacKay
Carla MacKay

I can’t explain what made this movie so amazing to me. I mean it was good – I like quirky movies. But this… captured my attention with the scenery and the music. The bond and story between the boy and the man – so quirky so heartwarming!
I had hoped for a different ending, but it is what it is.