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I Lost My Body 2019 / Now On Netflix

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Two storylines take place in this Parisian animation: one of a Moroccan immigrant who works as a pizza delivery guy, and the other of his hand, somehow no longer part of his body, but also going on a trip around Paris.

The hand storyline is not gory by the way, except for one or two very quick scenes. Mostly, this is a film about loneliness and not being able to find your way back, both as an immigrant who misses how they were raised and as a hand who misses its body.

Sporting some of the most beautiful animation work this year, this movie premiered at Cannes where it became the first-ever animated film (and Netflix film) to win the Nespresso Grand Prize.

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I cannot think of a more French movie that I have seen in a long long time. This is an amazing and unusual story set completely in Paris except for the flashbacks. I was hooked and in love when the convo between the delivery guy and the deliveree took place – being purposefully bland here – but that moment is when the amazing Frenchness of this movie is fully revealed in all it’s glory. Loved, loved, loved this story.


It is a great experience. Lonliness shown from a alternate angle. A hand sesrching for its master and yhe master lost in his own lonliness trying to move on.

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