Kill Me If You Dare (2024)

Kill Me If You Dare (2024)

Money pushes a marriage to the edge in this lazily assembled Netflix remake



French, Polish
Comedy, Romance
Agnieszka Więdłocha, Bartłomiej Firlet, Dorota Pomykała


Does Poland really have a lack of faith towards their banking system? Because honestly, this could all be avoided if they took the time to talk about how to spend their money, and deposited their winnings in the bank in the meantime.

What it's about

After winning the lottery, married couple Piotr and Natalia hatch plans to kill each other for the prize money.

The take

With actual, real life married couples killing each other after lottery wins, the premise of Kill Me If You Dare had plenty of potential. The situation alone makes people wonder why that unexpected windfall kills the love between a married couple. The film instead is less interested in examining that journey, and more interested in using the premise as a way to contrive ungrounded, pointless suspicion towards each other, when they could have easily talked about things, like adults. But even with the silly suspicion, there’s no charm, comedy, or chemistry to find endearing in the couple– all we’re given is that they’re married, Piotr aggressively skimps for the mortgage, and Natalie has a dream for a café that doesn’t make sense considering we never see her make coffee. Kill Me If You Dare just feels lazily assembled, with no interest in being romantic or comedic.

What stands out

Kill Me If You Dare has plenty of jokes about marriage and spouses, but because there’s not much characterization for the couple, the jokes don’t seem like well-meaning exasperation about how hard it is to live with each other– it just comes across as lazy, stereotypical jabs to discourage people from ever marrying.


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