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Moon 2009


Moon is a sci-fi movie that doesn’t care that it’s a sci-fi movie. It’s not about space exploration or aliens. It’s about a man struggling to understand what and who he is and the dehumanizing effect of industrialization. Moon leaves you with a pit in your stomach and an incredible feeling of melancholy. It is perfectly acted by Sam Rockwell and the voice of Kevin Spacey. Moon keeps you guessing and deeply enthralled. A true masterpiece I would recommend to anyone, whether they are sci-fi nerds or just movie lovers.

Written By: Valentine Dessertenne

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Watching Options

  • On Netflix

    Sweden, Poland
  • Details

  • Genre

    Mystery, Sci-Fi
  • Starring

    Dominique McElligott, Kevin Spacey, Sam Rockwell
  • Directed by

    Duncan Jones
  • Written by

    Duncan Jones, Nathan Parker
  • Runtime

    97 minutes