Música (2024)

Música (2024)

Rudy Mancuso recalls his origin story in this charming semi-autobiographical coming-of-age musical complete with Camila Mendes and puppets



United States of America
English, Portuguese
Comedy, Music, Romance
Andy Grotelueschen, Andy Muschietti, Bia Borin
91 min


Look. The way Camila Mendes is introduced, with the camera going closer, and the sunlight glowing behind her hair, amidst the busyness of the fish store where Isabella works… This is what cinema is about, y’all.

What it's about

Plagued by the sounds that synethesia combines into music, aspiring artist Rudy tries to create a life in Newark, New Jersey, by navigating the pressures of love, family, and Brazilian culture.

The take

We’ve already seen the coming-of-age conflict presented in Música in other films– namely, where parents, society, and loved ones expect things from a male protagonist, but he has a passion for his creative endeavors, only awakened by a gorgeous girl that recognizes his talent. It’s a cliché storyline, even for a musical, but we’ve never heard it this way before, the way Rudy Mancuso takes in the day-to-day noise of his Brazilian neighborhood in Newark and turns it into a musical soundscape paired with rhythmic dancing, theatrical set pieces, and a metanarrative portrayed by his puppets that he says is unfortunately real. There’s something special in the way Mancuso’s directorial debut unfolds, so visually and sonically creative, with a lot of heart that we’ve been missing.

What stands out

The music, of course. It’s not quite like a traditional musical in the sense that the instrumentals drive the music more than the lyrical contemplations of the characters, but it’s the needed eargasm we’ve been missing from films today.


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