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My Name Is Emily 2015 / Now On Amazon Prime


Emily (Evanna Lynch), a strange, unique girl does not receive the long awaited letter from her father on her birthday. Sick of worrying, she decides to break away from home to visit him in the psychiatric institution where he stays. The plan requires the help of Arden (George Webster), a boy from school who is ready to drop everything and accompany her on a journey that quickly becomes as adventurous as it is heartfelt. In this film, director Simon Fitzmaurice take will take you on a trip through the beautiful Irish landscape to find nothing else but simple and true love.

Written By: Dora Dani

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Reminds me of big blue or of paterson
highly recommended


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  • Genre

    Drama, Romance
  • Mood

    Easy, Feel-Good, No-brainer
  • Starring

    Evanna Lynch, Martin McCann, Michael Smiley
  • Directed by

    Simon Fitzmaurice
  • Written by

    Simon Fitzmaurice
  • Runtime

    94 minutes
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