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A TV show by David E. Kelley, the mogul that was also behind Boston Legal, Picket Fences, and recently the amazing HBO show Big Little Lies.

You’d think a name that big is enough to carry Goliath. But in comes Billy Bob Thornton in one of the best performances of his career.

He plays a big-time lawyer who fell down on his luck for unknown circumstances. A big case randomly comes his way that allows him to go against his former big law firm. With an escort as his legal aid, he embarks on a David and Goliath journey to find justice for the victims and redemption for himself.

A great supporting cast. Great writing. Old-school premise brought back to life. Goliath is the perfect binge.

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First season was FABULOUS. I found Nathaniel Rateliff’s music because of the first season. Highly anticipated the second season …. and its a train wreck. Every episode makes you feel like they handed over the script to some gleeful psychopath to write, because it just goes so far off the rails. Ugh. I wanted to love it. I watched it to the bitter end and it just never delivered what the first season did.


Absolutely loved the first season form start to finish, couldn’t finish the second…


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