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Normal People 2020 / A drop-dead gorgeous romance that can't be reduced to a plot description


Lenny Abrahamson (Frank) builds on an amazing soundtrack and fantastic source material to craft the incredibly atmospheric, high-stakes drama about low-stakes relationships, that is Normal People. Every detail of every scene feels studied, everything that is not necessary is removed. The dialogue is sharp and funny. The acting, from the two main characters to the last extra, is perfect.

There is no way that the plot description will do Normal People any justice, and it would be revealing too much any way. It’s best to go into this not knowing much. One thing is certain, if you liked modern dramas that are about how and what is said as much as they are about what happens, you’ll love Normal People.


    I think, this series might have changed my life forever. It's about love and depression, everything in this is so well written, performed and executed that it seems so raw and real. 7 people liked this review.

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