The Choe Show

The Choe Show

A brutally honest and visually dazzling blend of interview and self-reflection

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TV Show

United States of America
David Choe
22 min

What it's about

Renowned artist David Choe turns his eccentric, compassionate and disruptive worldview into a lens for an audience to experience a radical empathy for others. Through art and play, he takes guests on a journey of shared emotional experience.

The take

In the hands of a lesser artist, something like The Choe Show might have come off as a vanity project or an excuse to show off one's art and one's thoughts about art. But David Choe seems to want the opposite: together with an eclectic mix of guests, he lays bare his most shameful feelings and hardest struggles without ever asking the audience for sympathy and forgiveness—all the while using paint and performance to carve a path toward healing and mutual understanding.

The interviews are already impressive on their own, pitched somewhere between a casual chat and an exorcism of personal demons. But it's around these conversations about addiction, abandonment, and family trauma where the show truly comes to life. With a whole team of animators and illustrators, Choe lets every pointed statement and loaded anecdote leap off the screen. Noise, color, photographs, home video tapes, and performance art footage constantly invade what we're watching, as if the show is being created and reinvented right before our eyes. Fun, chaotic, boundlessly imaginative, and always open to change—if that's how it is with art, that's how it should be with people, too.

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