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Sisu (2023)Sisu (2023)

Sisu (2023)

A stunningly shot, action-packed Finnish film that gives the John Wick franchise a run for its money

Action, Drama, War



Finland, United Kingdom
English, Finnish
Action-packed, Gripping, Mind-blowing
Jalmari Helander
Aamu Milonoff, Aksel Hennie, Arttu Kapulainen
91 min


rotten tomatoes
Deep in the wilderness of Lapland, Aatami Korpi is searching for gold but after he stumbles upon Nazi patrol, a breathtaking and gold-hungry chase through the destroyed and mined Lapland wilderness begins.

Our Take

The Staff

More shooting and spectacle than story, Sisu is a stunningly shot and unapologetically gory action film set at the tail end of World War II in Finland. It follows former commando turned prospector Aatami (nicknamed “Koschei” or immortal by the Russians) as he retrieves his stolen gold from the Nazis who’ve occupied and pillaged the nearby town.  

Not much happens in the way of plot, but what it lacks in that department it more than makes up for in action, which easily matches the likes of John Wick. In fact, Aatami is a kind of John Wick with his undefeatable killer moves and trusty dog pal—a reprieve of cute in a sea of endless carnage. But in the long list of grindhouse movies, Sisu distinguishes itself as astutely patriotic. Of course, it’s hard not to root for anyone going against Nazis, but Sisu compels you to its side in subtle but powerful ways. 

You’ll be reminded of John Wick, Mad Max, and many a Tarantino film watching Sisu, but you’ll be struck by the film’s singular hero, a stand-in for a nation unwilling to give up in the face of oppression. 


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