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A slice-of-life true-story-based film on growing old and in love. When on his own land, Craig Morrison (played by James Cromwell) starts building a more convenient house for his ailing wife Irene (Geneviève Bujold), he is faced with crippling bureaucracy. The state gives him the choice between stopping the construction or going to jail, while he is witnessing his wife’s health deteriorating even further. The act of going against the system brings out both how beautiful his relationship with his wife is, as well as his own resilience in this moving, insightful drama.

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An intentionally slow movie that deals with both the struggles of life in your twilight years (spouse, friends, and family) and the frustrations of red tape. Although the stories are very different, If you liked the tone and dialogue of “Our Souls at Night”, then you will enjoy this too.


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