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Stranger Than Fiction 2006 / Now On Amazon Prime


Will Ferrell plays a well organized IRS agent named Harold Crick who seems to have figured out everything in his life to the dot. Little does he know his life is being run by someone else, a nervous and morbid novelist, famous for ending her works with the death of the main character. As the nature of his life and eventual doom, he decides to lay back and enjoy the ride, breaking all his ingrained and boring habits. While this film is recommended for everyone, Will Ferrel fans, especially, need to watch this to see Will’s acting variety.

Written By: Abtein Foghi

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Not a Will Ferrell fan, however it was quirky, humorous and well liked by everyone in our house. My favorite Will Ferrell movie and great acting from the rest of the cast. 5 out of 5 stars !!


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  • Genre

    Comedy, Romance
  • Starring

    Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson, Will Ferrell
  • Directed by

    Marc Forster
  • Written by

    Zach Helm
  • Runtime

    54 minutes