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50% Off Sling

November 3, 2023

For a limited time only, new subscribers can get half off Sling's most popular plans, Sling Blue and Sling Orange, by just paying $20 for the first month. Sling TV already has some of the best prices in streaming, but by slashing 50% off its $40 plans, it's become even more accessible to everyday cord-cutters.

If you're on the fence about which plan to choose, know that Sling Blue has more unique channels, most of them geared toward news and entertainment, like MSNBC and National Geographic, while Sling Orange has the coveted ESPN and Disney channels, which makes it perfect for sports lovers and family-oriented viewers. Of course, you can also bundle them and get all 46 channels for a discounted price. Instead of the usual $55/month, the Sling Orange + Blue plan costs only $27.50 on the first month under this deal. So far, Sling hasn't announced when the deal expires, but it's best to try it now before it goes. 

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