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The Visitor 2007 / Available On Streaming Rental

Best Film

This is a low-scale, intimate, almost minimalist movie that speaks volumes about the misconceptions that westerners have regarding the Middle-East. And the performance of Richard Jenkins is absolutely exceptional (earned him a nomination for the Oscars). He plays a professor who comes back to his New York apartment only to find two immigrants living in it. What a great role and what a great film.The Visitor is from the director of The Station Agent and very recently Spotlight, Tom McCarthy.

Written By: Garo H

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This film allows a gentle peek of perspective into the lives of immigrants in our country in a most giving way. It also takes you on a journey of simple kindness with openness to its end.


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    Heart-warming, Sunday, Thought-provoking, Well-acted
  • Starring

    Danai Gurira, Haaz Sleiman, Richard Jenkins
  • Directed by

    Tom McCarthy
  • Written by

    Tom McCarthy
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