Upgrade (2018)

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This film really satisfied my craving for an original thriller, despite the fact that I spent most of it thinking about how Logan Marshall-Green looks like a budget Tom Hardy.

He plays a guy whose wife is killed during a violent mugging that also leaves him paralyzed in the aftermath. When a billionaire approaches him with an Artificial Intelligence solution that would “upgrade” his body, he has a chance to take vengeance.

This is Robocop meets Ex Machina meets Blade Runner. It’s original, low-budget without feeling low-budget, and honestly just so thrilling. It gives the genre of sci-fi a much needed upgrade.

Review by Dylan R.

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Kosai souff
Kosai souff

Amazing, loved this movie ✨


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      Logan Marshall-Green, Melanie Vallejo, Steve Danielsen
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      Leigh Whannell
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      Leigh Whannell
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      Australia, USA
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