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Warrior 2011


Do you know those movies where you just look at the poster and you go “damn this will be good”? This is absolutely not one of those, but I promise, it’s still great. Warrior is surprisingly sophisticated for its genre, awesomely executed and what about the acting you say? Hardy and Edgerton are strong together (pun intended). Warrior is a movie filled with authentic emotions designed to give you hope that something unconventional can still come out of the genre.

Written By: Bryan

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I have to say I was skeptical at first, but after just finishing this movie Im not embarrassed to say that I teared up. The actors did an amazing job portraying the emotional conflict of the characters. I have to recommend this movie to anyone, as it is the mans version of the notebook

juana doe
juana doe

A surprising twist of the boxing film genre. Beautiful, emotional movie about family, love and forgiveness with a beautiful catharsistic ending. I actually watched it with my mom and she was both hooked and deeply moved by it. Strong recommendation.


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    UK, Italy, Australia, Turkey, Spain
  • Details

  • Genre

    Action, Drama
  • Starring

    Joel Edgerton, Nick Nolte, Tom Hardy
  • Directed by

    Gavin O'Connor
  • Written by

    Anthony Tambakis, Gavin O'Connor
  • Runtime

    139 minutes