Subscribing to support agoodmovietowatch

With agoodmovietowatch, we want to create a useful and independent alternative to streaming algorithms. 

Algorithms don’t have a quality focus. At best, their recommendations fit your past viewing, effectively limiting your exposure to new topics. At worst, and this is more often the case, their recommendations are marketing tools designed to sell you titles the platforms spent money on.

This makes algorithms biased, and quite frankly, useless. It means that your quest for quality as a viewer is not met anywhere. 

That’s why we created agoodmovietowatch and work on making it better every day. We want it to be a quality-focused recommendation page that answers only to readers.

As a small, independent operation, we rely on your support to go against streaming giants who monopolize both resources and viewers’ attention.

In return, we’ve created a package that we think will help you make the most out of your much more expensive streaming subscriptions: over 150 selected subscriber-only recommendations and subscriber-only features.

We hope that, if you can, you’ll help us achieve this mission and offer more quality recommendations to everyone, not just subscribers. 

Thank you for reading and thank you so, so much for your support,


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