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Why a premium newsletter?

Recently, we decided to make some features and a small portion of this website only accessible to premium newsletter subscribers. Why?

Because we’re unable to cover our costs with just ad revenue (let alone grow and get better). The premium subscription model presents a chance to do both those things while getting rid of ads.

A quick history and organizational debrief on the operation: it’s comprised of me (Bilal), dedicated full-time to the project, helped with lovely part-time contributors: an editor, an illustrator, a developer, and a writer.

The ad revenue that the website is generating not only doesn’t cover the compensation of everyone involved in the project, it doesn’t even cover the server fees necessary to run the website.

So without this premium newsletter, the options are clear: either close down the site or turn it into a clickbait factory starting with articles like “You Won’t Believe What Jonah Hill Wore Today”. Neither are interesting if you love the work as much as I do. The positive impact this website has had on my life and on the lives of readers is beyond anything I could have imagined as a film nerd growing up in Morocco.

Enter a new opportunity: to ask you, our generous readers, to help us get this thing back on its feet. So many people visit the site, so many like it, and if only a small proportion helps fund the project, we can do it. It’s the only way.

Your subscription will allow agoodmovietowatch to offer a faster, cleaner, and less distracting experience for all readers, not just the premium ones.

– Bilal, founder of agoodmovietowatch.