You & Me & Me (2023)

You & Me & Me (2023)

A nostalgic Thai coming-of-age drama whose twin love triangle is actually wonderfully, tenderly written



Drama, Romance
Anthony Buisseret, Karuna Looktumthong, Natee Ngamneawprom
121 min


I really thought this was going to be ordinary, really, but it’s so much more.

What it's about

In 1999, the world was convinced that it would all end a year later. Identical twin sisters You and Me share this fear, alongside every other aspect of their lives, with each other. However, this changes when a boy named Mark walks into their lives.

The take

With the nostalgia and the twin love triangle, at first glance, You & Me & Me seems like nothing new. However, this Thai coming-of-age drama is done so well that it feels entirely unique. Taking inspiration from the childhood of twin writer-directors, You & Me & Me brings us to a summer vacation in Isan, north Thailand, where the twins, distinguishable only by a mole and by dual-sided acting of Thitiya Jirapornsilp, encounter a boy named Mark. Amidst test taking, phin lute playing, and rowing in lotus filled lakes, their summer evokes some nostalgia, but also some drama, as their first forays into love threaten their bond. While the pacing is slow, and it does focus on the love triangle, You & Me & Me cares about each twin as they start to delve into new experiences outside of their duo. The film is a sweet and nuanced tale of twin sisterhood, but also a love letter to the Hongvivatanas’ childhood summer home.

What stands out

You & Me & Me feels deceptively simple, with its nostalgia and familiar love triangle, but the Thai film understands precisely what its tropes demand. As twin sisters, their identities are irrevocably linked together. They are consistently compared with each other and are given the same gifts– their being in debt means they have no choice but to share things. The fact that they could have been only one person, if not for that separated fertilized cell, means that their mother could have had only half of their lives’ expenses, which she mentions in resentment for their father. But when Mark enters into their life, he is one thing they can’t share, not without hurting each other. This characterization naturally drives the drama of the film, but it’s played out in such a grounded way because it’s inspired by the childhood of the film’s real-life twin writer-directors, Wanweaw and Weawwan Hongvivatana. It makes for a sweet, but fairly realistic, depiction of twins that doesn't dive into the usual cliches.


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