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6 months free MGM+

November 3, 2023

Amazon is offering 6 months of MGM+ free for new users of any eligible Amazon Fire TV streaming device. Once you register the device, you can access thousands of titles, including heavyweights like Top Gun and the James Bond movies, critical indies like The Passenger and Till, and original series like Godfather of Harlem and Billy the Kid. Unless you cancel the subscription once the 6 months are up, Amazon automatically renews it and charges you the usual $5.99/month.

The fine print is that this offer is only available to new subscribers of MGM+ in the US, and you'll have to sign up through the Amazon App Store, not MGM+'s official website. You can register your new Fire TV device and avail of the discount beginning September 20, 2023, up until the deal expires on September 20, 2024. 

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